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The ever-present cause of the tribulations of the economic world is largely due to the infringement of tax laws either because of ignorance or improper understanding of them. We believe that in this modern day world every action has a tax reaction. Knowing fully well the significance of taxation laws in our lives, we have diligently worked to update our knowledge of the tax and allied laws and the judicial cases. Infact, we represent cases before Income tax authorities at first level. And take supportive role at second level.

We campaigner consideration of tax effects of a decision before they are actually taken and thus ensure prevention. But, if we are approached with a problem, we draw on our knowledge, experience and skills for remedy.
We have covered the full gamut of tax work
Preparation of tax returns, filing them, getting the assessments completed, preparation and filing of appeals at all stages up to the Tribunal and making various petitions under the provisions of tax laws.
We have also worked diligently to update our knowledge of the laws of the land. We are involved in tax planning for all our clients.
Besides the various aspects of Audit and Taxation, we advice our clients on Company Law Procedures and Planning, General Law and Other related matters.
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